About Us

About Us

Plan Construction Group Corporation is a technology driven project management company 'We know projects, we specialise in projects, we research in projects, we lead project in the industry and also in practice. In actual fact we shape policy in project management in collaboration with the leading professionals in project management bodies.

Plan Construction Group Corporation provides Project management adaptation within uncertain environment, able to respond to uncertainties that happen within the Global environment. Our team think critically about projects. We think beyond formulae stage face by face management of projects. We work in any environment of complexities and intricacies.

We offer specialisation in Construction and Engineering
Consultancy in Construction and Infrastructure
Project and Portfolio Management in Organisations
Construction Management
Risk assessment
Construction, Infrastructure and Engineering Recruitment
Procurement in Construction
Strategic Purchasing Management
Sustainable Programme Management
General track of project management

One of our themes is Portfolio Management. We take single project and extend that into an organisation. We help organisations to reach their strategic objectives through our teams’ critical thinking of bringing projects to successful completion'.


To offer a world class project management at affordable cost


To meet the company’s strategy to improve quality, Plan Construction Group Corporation is installing the latest software to reduce

project cost within 5 years.


Service: To understand, determine and deliver what our clients want, with a high standard of workmanship.

Integrity: We are committed to a high standard of integrity

Excellence: We strive to get better, smarter and more innovative and the best in everything we do.